In Partnership with
iLight Singapore and
Awakening Bangkok
Background of Apartments captured from project

The COVID Pandemic is unprecedented and left each of us with no choice but to quarantine ourselves in our homes. None of us could prepare for the feelings of isolation and disconnection it brought. But humans are strong and many of us took this as an opportunity to focus on a new craft or learn a new hobby. Our collective experiences of dealing with loneliness and exploring what we could do within our restrictions brought us closer together.

Alone Together is an interactive projection that aims to capture these moments. Inspired by Singapore's government housing we peek into people's lives during lockdown to see how they are coping and growing. These vignettes tell a story that we all can relate to and encourages participantes to become part of this shared memory through real-time interaction.

The creative duo Ian Grossberg and Ping Lim specialise in building interactive experiences for online and physical spaces. Our work considers the moral impact of what we do and create — we make things for people and about people.